1. Proprietorship

We provide a myriad of services for a proprietorship business ranging from registration of proprietorship business, accounting and bookkeeping services, direct tax registration, indirect tax registration, and other statutory compliances.

2. Partnership

Partnership firms in India are governed by Indian Partnership Act 1932, we offer services with regard to registration of a partnership firm, preparation of the partnership deed, and compliance with tax laws.

3. One Person Company

One Person Companies in India are governed by The Companies Act 2013, it is a hybrid of sole proprietorship and company form of business with relaxed compliance requirements under the act. We provide all the relevant services for incorporation of an One Person Company along with annual statutory compliances.

4. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

Limited Liability Partnership is governed by Limited Liability Partnership Act 2008, this form of organization combines the salient features of a company and a partnership firm and provides benefits of limited liability to the partners. We provide services for formation of an LLP, conversion of partnership firm/company to an LLP, annual statutory compliances, etc.

5. Private Limited Company

Private Limited companies are incorporated under Companies Act 2013. We provide services for incorporation of a private limited company, tax registrations and compliances, annual statutory filings etc.